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Attend “Heal Your Life” 2 day transformational workshop with “Love Heals” the new age experts, to create a highly productive and deeply fulfilling life by changing your inner self… Because inner creates the outer.

This workshop is originally designed by Louise Hay, who is the author of the international bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with more than 50 million books sold worldwide. For more than 30 years, she has helped people throughout the world discover and implement the full potential of their own creative powers for personal growth and self-healing.

Discover the power to change your life just by changing your thoughts. Every thought we think is creating our future . The point of power is always in the present moment and we do have the ability to choose our thoughts. At any point of time we need to know that it is just a thought and a thought can be changed .
-Louise L Hay

Know Your Leaders

Dr Deval Doshi

Dr Deval Doshi , a physician by profession and a passionate mother of three is a certified Heal Your Life leader and a Life Coach. Her child like enthusiasm and joyful spirit is contagious to all around. She has particularly been extremely successful with women and teenagers in helping them regain their self worth and self esteem. She along with Sunil, has led programs all over the country especially in Mumbai helping people towards happiness and prosperity. Click here to watch her live.

Sunil Shah

Sunil is a Chartered Accountants by education and a passionate and successful business coach. He is certified as “Heal Your Life Teacher” in USA and as a “Life Coach” in UK . He has led more than 100 programs all over India especially in Mumbai to individuals and corporates. He also owns and operate successful real estate business. He has helped several companies to communicate their message through their branding. Click here to watch him live.


We believe if you have landed here, this is just the right time to take the leap of faith:

Life Changing Outcomes of this wonderful workshop

Change Your MINDPRINT…

You will be able to recognize your MINDPRINT which is a root of your area in life from relationship to finance, career to your life purpose and success to fame.


You will experience a new relationship with yourself, we make you fall in love with yourself.

Know and Own the RIGHT body

You will get to know the root cause of your pain, aches and diseases. You relationship with your body will be completely transformed.


Know your MONEYPRINT and get to the root which gives you the fruits. Work on root to have great fruits of all round prosperity in all areas of life.


We have our own unique way of Holding Your Hand…


Pay it forward voucher

You will receive a gift voucher worth ₹750 that can be redeemed by your loved ones over an entire year. Its a great way to express your love towards them.


Personal Guide

A personal guide that goes on a 30 min call with you each week for 3 weeks to help you one on one with the tools and techniques you have learnt at the workshop.


36 hours of training over a period of year

You get to attend 12 live sessions for free 3 hour each on the last Sunday of every month on topics that matter to us in our everyday life . It surely makes you smile.


We love to reach you every morning

Each morning you wake up with an affirmation on your what’s app to kick start a wonderful day


Become a part of existing community

You become a part of an exclusive what’s app group that gives u an opportunity to share your experiences n also to learn more each day


Exchange your experience securely over facebook

You become a part of a private Facebook group where the love heals participants have stories to share


We have lot more to offer

Unique opportunity to take your journey further by participating in other ’LOVE HEALS’


Surprise... Surprise...

You will receive a wonderful gift at the workshop



2 day transformational workshop based on louise Hay’s philosophy


Hotel Suba Galaxy
N.S. Phadke Road, Off Western Express Highway, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400069


Saturday-Sunday, July 21st and 22nd 2018



Rs 11,000,
Rs 10,000 if you register before July 15, 2018.

Your journey begins as soon as you register!

Don’t miss this opportunity to Transform Mind, Emotions, Body and Spririt all at one go. 

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